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WELCOME FELLOW GAMER Ready for your one and only gaming network?

Cause if you are, OMPAN is here for you. We are a reliable network founded 2013. Our main goal was and still is to create a familiar surrounding for every gamer. No matter the location nor what language he or she is speaking.


Discord Extending the way we communicate with You.

Do you guys have discord? Of course we do! Nowadays its important to flow with the newest software. We are as modern as you want us to be.

Teamspeak? Dont you worry, old friend.

We still got you. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.

Get a crystal clear sound on our own, self-hosted teamspeak. No annoying ads, nothing. Free. Forever.
With our maximum-channels, you are safe from random joining people. It's just you and your friends.
Your online-time is monitored and transformed into a super-duper level which will make y'all jealous. Learn more at TS-Info

So tell me now...

Why are you waiting? ... Okay hold up. This front-page is boring and won't tell you much. Fair enough.
Check out the rest and dont waste a second. OMPAN will be the last and best decision on your gaming career. Promised.

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